The Training Phases

Phase 1 - Intern

Focus on personal and ministry development. Following positive assessment, interns will be invited to participate in Phase 2 of the developmental sequence.


1. Invest in spiritual disciplines to nurture internal formation of the life of Christ
2. Be nurtured in growing personal discipleship and discipling of others
3. Receive instruction, modeling and mentoring in biblical marriage & family life
4. Be trained to systematically think theologically about life and ministry
5. Participate in Crossroads' preaching mentoring process
6. Participate in a formal leadership assessment
7. Demonstrate growth in the following leadership necessities:
Character – Consistent godliness and overflowing fruits of the Spirit for faithful ministry.
Call – Confidence in the clear call of God to full time gospel ministry.
Competency – Acceptable evaluation of specific, completed ministry tasks in multiple contexts.
Conviction – A deeper understanding of the sufficiency of scripture, centrality of the gospel, compulsion of the Spirit and necessity of church planting
Culture – An understanding of and appreciation for church planting in rural communities.
Chemistry – Commitment to Crossroads culture, people and DNA.

Phase 2 - Resident Pastor

Be fully involved in pastoral work at Crossroads campuses. Following positive assessment, resident pastors will be invited to participate in Phase 3 to plant a church.

1. Display intentional spiritual formation through continued involvement in intern phase activities
2. Gain broad pastoral ministry experience as a resident pastor available to and serving the body
3. Lead others in discovery bible studies, discipleship and growth in spiritual formation
4. Receive systematic evaluation of pastoral and leadership strengths and weaknesses
5. Participate in multiple church planting training events
6. Develop and articulate a vision and church planting plan in a target community
7. Discern with Crossroads leadership, how to best leverage ministry skills within Crossroads campuses and Church plants

Phase 3 - Planting Pastor

Prepare to plant and launch a church in target a community

1. Identify and recruit core team members for a planting initiative from Crossroads campuses
2. Relocate to target community
3. Procure part time employment in target community
4. Identify & recruit additional core and launch team members from target community
5. Start Bible discovery groups in target community
6. Prepare for and launch services in target community at the end of this phase