Criteria for Acceptance

Crossroads leadership will evaluate Planing Pastor applicants using the following criteria prior to offering an invitation to begin Phase 1:


Undergraduate degree plus, preferably, a graduate degree from an Evangelical Seminary


An evangelical committed to the inerrancy and sufficiency of scripture, the centrality of gospel centered living and ministry, the compulsion of the Spirit and the necessity of church planting

Marital Status:

Preferably married. However, we've had two LDR's thus far who were single men. Don't let this prevent you from applying.


Preferably rural or at minimum a heart for rural church planting


  • Committed to growing in and demonstrating exemplary Christ like character, including:
  • An eagerness to follow, serve, learn, sacrifice and be honest
  • An ability to embrace accountability (purity, goals, correction)
  • Evidence of fruits of the Spirit, integrity & discretion
  • A strong work ethic
  • Speaking positively of people
  • Positive family relationships


Confidence in God's call to "full time, vocational" ministry and a passion and ability to articulate God's call for them.


  • Faithful to responsibilities, including:
  • Strong relational skills
  • Time management
  • Living out God-given potential
  • Taking initiative
  • Intelligence – How do you stretch your mind?


  • Must display a heart for God
  • Holds unswervingly to the sufficiency of Scripture and the centrality of the Gospel
  • Recognizes and responds to the compulsion of Holy Spirit
  • Displays a passion for the necessity of church planting


Displays an appreciation for rural culture and an ability to "fit in"


Displays missional priorities consistent with Crossroads' staff and leadership.

If you believe that you meet the criteria above, please complete the Leadership Development Residency Application form below and you will be contacted shortly.

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